Can You Make Money With Wordpress Websites

Can You Make Money by Blogging on WordPress?

Strangely enough, this has been a hot question that I have been getting recently.  You may Can You Make Money With WordPress Websitesare may not the following stat, but WordPress is currently the top use website platform in the world with close to 29% of all websites in the world being built on WordPress.

But with all of these websites out there, surely there are some folks making a full time living with their WordPress sites…isn’t there?  Anyone?  Can you make money by blogging on your wordpress site?

Yes.  My answer is yes because you are looking at one of those wise folks (OK, I promise not to puff out my chest again).

Can You Get GOOD WordPress Sites for Free?

There are some options out there.  There are WordPress installs that come with hosting packages like HostGator and Godaddy, but these are paid.

There are only a few places that I am aware of that actually hook you up with a truly free wordpress blog, that is directly from or from

The real difference between these two options is that WordPress does not allow affiliate links and is very limited, whereas Wealthy Affiliate contains a good deal of training, marketing help, website support, and you can promote affiliate links on your site.

In fact, this VERY site you are on was built at Wealthy Affiliate and is hosted on their brilliant hosting platform.  I have had it up and running for the past year, not a single outage of downtime (can’t say that about my hostgator sites, damn they are horrible these days!).

Anyhow, you can get a free website and I have given you two options, but for the 30 seconds from now you can have your own WordPress website.

(1) Offers the best WordPress Website Builder
(2) Offers the best WordPress hosting
(3) Offers the best Internet Marketing training
(4) Offers website support and training
(5) Is a community of 100,000’s of awesome peeps!

And you can get two websites for free within their Starter membership.

Unlike most website builders, you get MUCH MUCH more when you build a website at WA (which by the way is my home away from home).  You get a community.  You get interact with cool dudes like me and get help with your business.  You get WordPress website training.  You get to learn how to make money.  You get to mingle with folks that are earning a crap load with their niche WordPress websites.

Guess where I built this website?

So what the hell are you waiting for.  Go get your 2 free WordPress sites at Wealthy Affilaite (and a bunch of other awesome swag!).

Don’t Build a LOSING WordPress Website.

People that build websites can create losers if they do not know what they are doing.  The fact of the matter is that YOUR understanding of how the

A website is nothing without an understand of how to build it.

Over my few years in the online business world, I have created some real fun websites in a variety of different niches.   Everything from stopping your dog from barking (serious) to how to gain more muscle.

Average commissions I earned from those niches were $33.25 to $125.60 per sale.

But I learned through my mentors, how to build my website in a way that gets ranked in Google and gets a good deal of traffic.

Here is how you create a losing website in my books.

You spend time setting up a website.  You spend a week working on it.  You don’t achieve any financial rewards and you quit.   That is a Loser.

If you are still listening to all the crap out there telling you can throw together a wordpress website and make instant cash, you are lying to your damn ego.  Get over it.  You have to be real about this if you want to make money and you want to build a business with your WordPress websites.


Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Personal Look 5 Years Later

This is bar none, the program of choice by me out of an ENTIRE industry.  Before I rave (andWealthy Affiliate Review in a few minor cases rant) about Wealthy Affiliate, I want to first give you a quick overview of the product and why I love it so much.

I started back in 2008 and after been thrown to the “wolves” in the opportunity industry, I spent a crap load on products and services before I ended up finding Wealthy Affiliate.  I guess you could say it saved me money, but undoubtedly lead to me creating the success that I have experienced today within the online world.  By that I mean, as a result of WA, I am full time online and have been for a number of years.

So I hold a special place for this company in my heart and I can honestly say that since 2009 when I started with them, there has been no other company in the “make money” industry that has evolved and improved the quality of their service so quickly.   In this review, I am going to walk you through the experience you can expect within Wealthy Affiliate and show you what I love about WA, and what frustrates me at times.

A Brief Summary of Wealthy Affiliate

The Product: Wealthy Affiliate
The Website:
The Owners: Kyle & Carson
The Support: 10/10 (expert help)
The Tools: 9/10
The Training: 10/10
The Request for Help Test: 10/10, 57 minutes
The Price: Starter = FREE, Premium = $47/mth or $359/year
Overall  Rating:  9.7/10 (TOP RANKED!!!)

The Good

Unlike most products within the industry, the positives within Wealthy Affiliate far outweigh the negatives.  I think this stems from the leadership behind the scenes and the owners care for creating a product that is customer focused.

Although there are a good deal of things that I like about the Wealthy Affiliate membership and the community, here are the ones that made my “short list”.

  • The Owners make themselves 100% available
  • It passed the “support” test with flying colors
  • The community is the most helpful and experienced I have seen
  • The training is created in a way that simplifies some of the most complex marketing techniques
  • The Starter membership is 100% free (you can try before you buy)
  • Build websites in a few clicks of a button (over 1,400 templates)
  • You can network with Internet millionaires
  • The Hosting ROCKS! (fast, uptime is great, 24/7 support)
  • Can be used within any niche
  • Teaches over 12 different types of online business
  • Weekly Live Video training

The Bad

There is really only one flaw with WA and it is simple.  People get Overwhelmed.  Although this was not a feeling I got when starting because I had expectations of learning something brand new, it is something that some people naturally feel when they join WA.  This is only because of the vast amount of training, in my opinion, thoroughness of the training.

My recommendation is to ASK for help if you ever get stuck because there is a hugely supportive community behind you within Wealthy Affiliate.  There is no reason to feel overwhelmed.

The Straight Up Ugly

No ugly to report.

Unlike almost all products I have reviewed in the industry, WA does not have a “secret” ugly side.  If you want to be part of a company that is honest and that has their customers in mind, Wealthy Affiliate is your spot.

The Support – 5 Different Ways to Customize Your Help

I know first hand that having support can make a HUGE difference in terms of your confidence in a product.  But not all support is equal.  I not only want help when I need it, I want help from someone that knows what the heck they are doing.

That is exactly what I have come to expect within WA.  Although I am not super active within the community, over the years Kyle & Carson (the owners) have personally worked with me behind the scenes and helped me go from ZERO to HERO (sorry, that wasn’t necessary) in a few years.

I am FULL TIME online solely because of the support I have received at WA.  It is there when you need it and it only continues to get better.

In fact, there are 5 DIFFERENT channels in which you can get support from inside WA.

(1) Live Chat – freaking awesome live interaction)
(2) Training Questions  – get help with anything
(3) Live Q & A Video Classes – video training with an instructor
(4) Discussions – start a discussion about anything and get a response
(5) Private Messaging – interact privately with successful internet entrepreneur

One thing that amazes me to this day is that you are able to get help directly from Internet millionaires even as a Starter member.

I can literally go inside of WA, 24/7/365 and ask any questions and get an answer from someone in this business that knows what the heck they are talking about.

NO SPAM POLICY, pure briliance.  If you are a spammer, do me and the rest of the community a favour, stay the hell away from WA.  Spam has zero tolerance within WA and this leads to the community being the most specatacular in the world for getting help from Internet entreprenerus that care.

I actually asked Kyle for a hand the other day and just to prove how great the “personal” help is within the community, check this timely response I got back.   (do note that I am a Premium member which means I can get private support).

Kyle's Timely Response - Wealthy Affiliate Review

Now, I have been part of a lot of programs but it is few and far between to be able to contact the owner of the joint.   In the case of this message I sent Kyle, I got a response within 10 minutes.  Over the years, this sort of response as been quite normal.  Kyle and Carson both seem to go above and beyond the call of duty and will almost always get back to you within 24 hours.  I don’t think these dudes sleep!

This goes for the entire community at WA, there are 1,000’s of experts like Kyle and I guess you could even call me somewhat of an expert and I help out folks all the time.

To me this support is worth $1,000’s per month, but it is included in the Premium membership.  I know these dudes could charge an arm and a leg to businesses for their knowledge, but they still get a chance to help dummies like myself out.

The Education – A Stroke of Brilliance

You walk into college and university wanted to become an expert in something.  What are your expectations.

Chances are you are expecting to spend $40,000 and at least 4 years of your life investing into this education before you get the chance to maybe make $50,000 per year.

If WA was living in the world of colleges and universities, they would essentially be giving you acccess t complete 12 different degrees within their classroom training environment.

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

As a Starter member, you get access to the Getting Started Classroom, Premium members (which is only $19 per month to try out) includes ALL TWELVE.

This is outstanding training and I have barely brushed the surface of what is offered in there and I am a full time marketer. That should show that you really don’t need to know squat to be successful online (in the scheme of things).

If you are new to this online thing or struggling, here is a piece of advice I have for you when it comes to the education aspect.  If you trust the wrong people in this industry, you are going to head down a dark road of despair.  I see all the shit other gurus are pumping out, stuff that will end up hurting you more than it will benefiting you.

I find WA to be so much different.  They will go against the grain of the industry and take a brand newbie or someone struggling flat out, and turn them around and get them doing the right things to build a business.

People tend to doubt themselves and their ability online and I think that is where the education at Wealthy Affiliate is so powerful.  Upon joining you are immediately going to be walked through a Getting Started foundation building course which is going to get you moving along the right path.

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Course

This Getting Started course is 10 lessons, with tasks, with a video walk-through, and with comments and help within each lesson.  By lesson 2, you understand the process of how I make money online.   By lesson 3, you have a niche.  By lesson 4, you have a website.  By lesson 8 your website is kicking along with content and is getting ranked and getting traffic.

There is the wrong way to do things and there is the right way.  The education you receive at WA will teach you the right way.

Live Weekly Video Classes (Premium)

If you are more of a hands on person and you like to have a live instructor to walk you through processes and different marketing techniques, the live weekly video training is going to a blessing to you.   These are crazy popular within the community and each session is usually around an hour long and cover a new topic each and every week.

It doesn’t take many of these before you become an expert marketer in many different categories.

Here is an example of a recent live class that I attended that was absolutely brilliant.    It was 1hr  26min and the material covered within it could take an absolute newbie with zip experience and get them ranking pages in Google.

Wealthy Affiliate - Live Video Classes

 As a Premium member you get 4 of these per month and the thing I like about these is that since they started, there has not been a single promotion within the videos.  They are pure value unlike the “skunk” webinars  that all the other gurus are pushing out there.

The Website Builder – My Dream Tool Has Arrived

I am lazy.  No bones about it.    If there is an easier and more efficient way to do something, you are going to find me waiting in line for the product.  That is why I hold special place in my heart [sappy] for the website builder at WA.

It is saved me a metric ton of time and energy build websites.  No installations to deal with, no dicking around with FTP, databases, or chasing your tail until you feel so dizzy you need to go stand by the toilet.

The website builder at Wealthy Affiliate literally builds you a website in 30 seconds….from scratch.  No special knowledge, in fact, I got my mom to build a site for her passion for cooking a few weeks back and she was able to do it (and I am not sure if she can even turn on her computer without sparks).

I built this very site you are standing on using their website builder and their training (for the marketing).

So here is a breakdown of WHO gets websites:

Starter member: 2 Free Websites, full WordPress sites
Premium member: UNLIMITED free, can also host unlimited domains you own

I have been running my entire business off of my Premium account for several years now.  Most people in my situation would be spending a whack of money on a dedicated server at HostGator (I hate that company), but I am beyond happy with my website performance and uptime on the hosting at WA.

No need to spend $200 per month on my own server, even though I have over 20 sites.

There are also some other tools within Wealthy Affiliate that I am not going to dive to deeply into, but are going to serve a good deal of value to your biz.Wealthy Affiliate Tools

(1) WA Keyword Tool – This thing rocks and will actually get you access to the true competition metrics, something no other tool out there offers.

(2) Rapid Writer – Get efficient at creating content.  This tool allows you to create, save, and understand all the metrics of the content that you create.

(3) Link Tracking – Track all of the links within your content and determine which links are converting and which are under performing.  This also serves as a link masking tool and protects your links from affiliate stealing.

(4) Keyword Lists – Each month a new KW list is rolled out.  I use these all the time for new and hot niche ideas, these badboys are worth their weight in gold.

So at WA, you have the websites…check. The keyword tools and keywords….check.  The powerful hosting…check.  The writing and linking tools…check.

The Pricing Strategy

Before I talk about pricing within Wealthy Affiliate, I first want to let you know about something that I absolutely love about Wealthy Affiliate and that is very unique to online business.   They don’t upsell and they don’t promote other programs to you.

This means that if you do decide to join their Premium membership (which is the best of the best), you are not going to be subject to any other expenses.  You can run an entire business from this membership, you could operate a network of 100 successful websites if you wanted.

But, I don’t even want you to think about paying anything.    I want you to get the EXPERIENCE of the WA community before you even consider investing any money. You work hard for your money and you should not consider parting with it until a service proves themselves to you.

That is why the Starter Membership is so kick ass.  It is free, no smoke and mirrors, no Mastercard or Paypal account required.  Just instant access to WA after you fill out a few details.

Here is the break down of the two membership fee structures:

Starter Membership Cost: COMPLETELY FREE

Premium Membership: $19 first month, $47 per month after OR $359 per year

The Premium membership does come with a fee yes, but as I look around the industry there is not a program that offers the quality of service WA does and they definitely don’t offer an “all in one” place to start, grow, and manage your business.   They will also never strap you with bloody upsells that all of the jokers up in GURULAND are trying to shove down you throat.

You go premium, you get the full meal deal….but, I don’t really recommend you upgrade to Premium until Wealthy Affiliate can prove it’s worth to you and I can prove my honesty to you.  So definitely start with the free Starter membership.

Here is an actual breakdown of the membership levels (directly from the Wealthy Affiliate site).

Starter Membership vs. Premium Membership

My Overall Rating – Once you go WA, you stay WA

You will hear people trying to sell you stuff all over the place.  I am not like that.  I want you to try out something for free, if you like it, consider the premium.  Wealthy Affiliate absolutely blows any of the other products or services away in the industry.

Nothing has everything you need.  The honest and supportive community, the current training, the so-simple-a-monkey-could-do-it website builder, the incredible hosting that I use for my entire network of sites, the personal help from EVEN the  owners, classrooms, live video classes, keyword tools…it goes on and on and on.

But do not take my word for it, find out for yourself.  Zero cost to get your boat rocking within the online world.  You will honestly be missing out if you don’t get your free account right the hell now…


PS.  Drop me a note, a line…whatever you want to call it below if you have any Q’s, a personal review of WA yourself, or just would like to have a little chat about Wealthy Affiliate.